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  • The Valençay
  • The Valençay
  • The Valençay
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The Valençay

Exceptional gustatory qualities presented in an original shape

The Valençay is made from full raw goat milk. The Protected Designation of Origin label guarantees the authenticity of this exceptional product. Recognisable by its flattened pyramidal shape, the bluish-grey rind hides a firm white melt-in-the-mouth paste which unveils its distinctive goaty smell and light floral notes. It is the only cheese which shares its name with excellent red, white and rosé wines… The Valençay, a veritable region dedicated to gastronomy.


2 weeks

Profile and character :

Lait cru de chèvre
1 2 3

soft pâte with flowery crustiness

Tasting Advice :

Keep refrigerated at around 6°C. To bring out all the flavour it is best to leave at room temperature 30 minutes before tasting

Region Centre
Quincy blanc
Baguette nature ou aux graines

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Sainte-Maure de Touraine in unlike any other cheese. Beneath the ash-covered rind lies a firm white paste delicately harbouring light goaty aromas and subtle notes of hazelnut – it is quite simply irresistible. Exclusively produced in the barren lands of the Touraine region, Saint-Maure is renowned for its cylindrical log shape. A rye straw runs through the centre to hold the fragile cheese together during production. Once drained and salted the Sainte-Maure is left to age in a fresh and humid room for 2 weeks to allow all the flavours to fully develop. A recipe dates back to the XIII century when the Moors occupied SW France until defeated by the Frankish Knights led by Charles Poitel in Poitiers. This victory became the symbolic beginning of the Muslim expansion in Europe. The Sainte-Maure is perhaps a vestige of the Saracen presence in the region.

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