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  • The 24-month Mimolette
  • The 24-month Mimolette
  • The 24-month Mimolette
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The 24-month Mimolette

A Northern speciality, previously known as the ‘boule’ of Lille.

Our Mimolette is a pasteurized, pressed cheese, made in the North since the XVIIth century. The original orange colour allows it to stand out from other cheeses. In order to protect the production of French cheeses and to differentiate them from imported Dutch cheeses, a natural colouring agent, Roucou, is used. Our extra-aged Mimolette has a tasty and slightly tangy, brittle paste. The flavour strengthens over time, which is why we make sure that the cheese has matured for at least 24 months.


24 months

Profile and character :

Lait pasteurisé de vache
1 2 3

uncooked, presse hard cheese

Tasting Advice :

Perfect at any time of the year. Best kept in a cool, dry place.

Region Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Valençay rouge
Pain au curcuma

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