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  • The Petit Basque
  • The Petit Basque
  • The Petit Basque
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The Petit Basque

Thinly sliced, it melts in the mouth

Soft and full of flavour, it embodies perfectly the culinary traduction of an entire region. The intricate lines sculpted into the crust evoke the pattern of the weaved baskets in which the cheese was once made. As for the sheep, they graze on the lush grass of the Pyrenees to provide a delicately fruity cheese. The maturation period lasts at least 4 months, during which time the cheese ripens and develops its unique flavours. the Petit Basque can be eaten thinly sliced on its own or, following the Basque tradition, with a helping of black cherry jam.


4 months

Profile and character :

Lait pasteurisé de brebis
1 2 3

uncooked, presse hard cheese

Tasting Advice :

The Petit Basque keeps marvellously in a cold room. It can be added to your cheese platter a few minutes before serving. Serve with Black Cherry or Fig jam, both of which blend perfectly with this delicate sheep milk cheese.

Region Midi-Pyrénées
Jurançon sec
Pain aux fruits secs

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Nothing compares to this delicious Corsican Tomme. A cheese full of character expressing the heady aromas of the wild Corsican mountainous regions, the maquis, the preferred pasturing grounds of the Corsican sheep. The paste is hard and has a grainy aspect, pressed and cooked and left to mature for 6 weeks to allow the full range of flavours to develop.

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The Chèvre Fleur (Flower Goat cheese)

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This extraordinary raw goat milk cheese is made in Châteaudouble in the Var region, a few kilometres from Draguignan. It is made by molding the curd in a cloth which is then knotted and spun to extract the whey. It is this handling that gives the cheese such a peculiar shape, like a loaf of bread.

The fine ivory paste has a light and airy mouthfeel. The unrivalled taste of this rare cheese is revealed through the subtle goaty flavours and infinite creaminess, making the Chèvre Fleur a highly prized delicacy.

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Actuellement hors saison

Raw-milk Ossau-Iraty

A wonder of the Pyrenees


This thousand-year-old cheese made entirely from sheep milk originates from between the Ossau valley in Béarn and the Massif d’Iraty in the Basque country. It is a cheese that keeps well with a compact paste that crumbles after maturation. It has a fine, melting texture with milky flavours and a light taste of straw and hazelnut. Records show the presence of Ossau-Iraty in the markets of Toulouse in the first century and ever since this time it has been produced according to the same methods. Ossau-Iraty reflects the union of two regions, drawing the best of Ossau, a listed, lush-green valley with its splendid lakes and breath-taking scenery, and Iraty, lying between France and Spain, an area renowned for its majestic beech tree forests, the largest in Europe. It is against the backdrop of this idyllic landscape that the sheep undertake their transhumance each summer and offer this exceptional cheese.

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