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  • The farm Fourme d'Ambert
  • The farm Fourme d'Ambert
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The farm Fourme d'Ambert

A unique cheese, the creation of which dates back to Roman times

The paste is soft and tender, superbly pearlescent with a fine and delicate grey-green marble appearance. The truly natural taste of local rustic aromas from a terroir of unspoilt biodiversity. Druids were already using the Fourme d’Ambert in the Forez massif, in Auvergne in Roman times. Its trail can be picked up again in the XVIIIth century when it was used as a rent for the summer farms along the Monts de Forez.


4 weeks

Profile and character :

Lait pasteurisé de vache
1 2 3

pâte with natural blue mould

Tasting Advice :

Blends pefectly with yellow fruit apricot or plum jam. We recommend you keep the Fourme d’Ambert refrigerated at 4-8°c. Must be served at room temperature.

Region Auvergne
Banyuls grand cru rouge
Pain aux abricots

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