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The discovery Box

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The 36-month Comté

It is so good to grow old!

With a 36-month maturation period, which is rare, our raw milk Comté is quite simply a gastronomic wonder. During these long weeks, the Comté of La Crèmerie Royale is awarded great care and attention by the cheese makers. The Comté mold is turned regularly, brushed and rubbed with the brine, in line with ancient tradition. Once pressed, the cheese is firm and has a melt-in-the-mouth quality. Thinly sliced, the full range of flavours is released:  melted butter, hazelnut, fine salt crystals…a unique cheese for an unrivalled pleasure. 

The 36-month Comté
13.20 €

The Rocamadour Grand Cru

The creamiest of all the goat cheeses

The 6-day refining period is essential during the production process. Once molded the cheese is laid out on grills in the ageing room. These grills are then turned every day to obtain the homogenous, creamy soft texture. It is during this stage that the bacterial flora and the aromas of the cheese which define its unique character develop. Between its supple skin and its centre the cheese develops a fine layer of cream. At this stage it is said that the cheese ‘piaule’ meaning it is ‘crying out’ to be eaten.

Our selected Rocamadour delivers a delicious goaty flavour. You‘ll be pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of its texture.

The Rocamadour Grand Cru
4.10 €