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  • Fig and Walnut Roquefort
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Fig and Walnut Roquefort

A truly gastronomic association brimming with delicious flavours

Our selected cheesemaker has created this unique recipe of Roquefort cheese enhanced with a delicious fig and walnut preparation. The unique and distinctively strong, salty and spicy flavours of Roquefort are offset by the sweet and fruity flavours of figs and walnuts. A sublime blend of flavours to be savoured on a large slice of brown bread.



Profile and character :

Lait cru de brebis
1 2 3

pâte with natural blue mould

Tasting Advice :

Ideally, the Fig and Walnut Roquefort is kept between 4 and 8°c. It brings a variety of rich and complex flavours to a cheese platter, and will seduce all lovers of atypical cheeses.

Region Midi-Pyrénées
Epicuria Domaine Zouina
Baguette nature

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This unique cheese holds an international reputation and is directly associated with French Gastronomic excellence. Roquefort is a sheep milk cheese with a powerful aroma and taste, expressing strong and spicy flavours. The paste has a harmonious and melting texture with beautiful veins of mold. Roquefort is a result of the particular chemical reaction brought about in the caves of Combalou. The caves were created 200 million years ago when the mountains collapsed and the resulting faults in the rock favoured a natural ventilation and development of the blue mold known as Penicillium Roqueforti. The wheel of Roquefort cheese is called a “pain” and is placed in the cave after several days aging on a salt-covered wooden plank. Once in the cave the pain is placed on large oak planks and pierced several times allowing the spore-charged air to penetrate through to the very heart of the cheese. Then the magic begins, the Penicillium Roqueforti feeds on the curds, the paste becomes smooth, and the blue and grey veins gradually form over a period of 4-weeks. What takes place in these thousand-year-old caves is a miracle of nature, and according to immutable principle only 7 producers of Roquefort exist in the entire world.

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This extraordinary raw goat milk cheese is made in Châteaudouble in the Var region, a few kilometres from Draguignan. It is made by molding the curd in a cloth which is then knotted and spun to extract the whey. It is this handling that gives the cheese such a peculiar shape, like a loaf of bread.

The fine ivory paste has a light and airy mouthfeel. The unrivalled taste of this rare cheese is revealed through the subtle goaty flavours and infinite creaminess, making the Chèvre Fleur a highly prized delicacy.

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