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  • Miel de Chataignier
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Miel de Chataignier

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Region Languedoc-Roussillon

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The Epoisses

A mythical cheese, emblematic of Burgundy


Epoisses is a strong and soft cheese at the same time. With an attractive copper-coloured rind, the aroma is strong and pungent, in contrast to the smooth ivory-coloured paste and fruity, milky taste.  Aged in humid cellars for 3 weeks and washed regularly in brine and Marc de Bourgogne brandy to produce the beautiful, shiny orange colour. The aging process allows the cheese to develop all its complex aromas.

This cheese, which was destined for Royalty, first appeared in the town of Epoisses in the XVI century where it was made by a community of Cistercian monks. During the following century, the Marquis d’Epoisses who was a gentleman of the Royal court of Louis XIV became a fond admirer of the cheese. He in turn introduced the Epoisses to Louis XIV who fell in love with the contrasting strength and softness of what was to become his favourite cheese. Epoisses was also crowned “King of Cheeses” in the XIX century by Brillat Savarin, an illustrious French gastronome. This great cheese owes its success to all the farmers who have passed the recipe on from generation to generation over the centuries.


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