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  • The Maroilles
  • The Maroilles
  • The Maroilles
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The Maroilles

With such powerful aromas and such a soft taste, it is an atypical cheese!

Our selected Maroilles with its characteristic powerful smell has a surprisingly soft mouthfeel. The full and golden paste reveals a variety of complex aromas, with a milky, yet somewhat bitter taste.

It is a historical cheese that first appeared in the VIIth century under the name of the Craquegnon and made by the monks of the Maroilles Abbey. Later, in 960, following a request by the Bishop of Cambrai, the maturation period was extended and the name changed to Maroilles. It became known as Merveille or Marvel and the finest of strong cheeses, and was particularly appreciated by François I who was captivated by the virility of the smell and the softness of the taste.  

Today, great attention is paid to the production process of the Maroilles. Made from raw cow milk and high-pressure curdled, the cheese is turned out of its molds, then salted and placed in the ripening room where it becomes covered with a thin blue mould. The ripening takes place in naturally humid cellars during which time the cheese is regularly brushed and takes on a beautiful coat of orange.


3 weeks

Profile and character :

Cow's milk
1 2 3

soft pâte with washed crustiness

Tasting Advice :

Keep in the fridge between 4 and 8°C and remove one hour before the end of the meal. The Maroilles can be eaten warm, cooked in sauce as a delicious accompaniment to a poultry or fish dish.

Region Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Châteauneuf-du-Pape blanc
Pain Régence de l’Oise

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