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  • La tomme d'abondance fermière
  • La tomme d'abondance fermière
  • La tomme d'abondance fermière
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La tomme d'abondance fermière


8 weeks

Profile and character :

Cow's milk
1 2 3

cooked pressed hard cheese

Region Rhône-Alpes
Morey-Saint-Denis blanc
Pain vaudois

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The Petit Reblochon

A smooth and aromatic ivory paste


The Crèmerie Royale’s Petit Reblochon is a raw cow milk cheese with a fine reddish-orange rind enveloping a velvety ivory-coloured centre with a flavour slightly reminiscent of hazelnut. This cheese is without a doubt one of the Haute Savoie region’s finest.

The name is derived from the term “reblocher” meaning “twice milked”. In the past the herdsmen came up with a strategy to avoid paying milk-production tax to landowners. Whilst the tax collectors were present at milking time to assess the yield and the tax due, the cows were not completely milked. The herdsmen would return to finish the milking when the inspectors had left, and this milk would be used to make the Reblochon cheese for the herdsmen’s own consumption.

During the production process the cheese is placed in a linen cloth and pressed with a weight to remove the excess whey before being laid on spruce wood planks for around 3 weeks. During this time the cheese maker adds the specific finishing touches as the Reblochon is frequently rubbed and turned before being wrapped in a spruce tree leaf to regulate the humidity. The Petit Reblochon is an emblem of the Haute Savoie region, a bouquet of unique melting flavours.

The Petit Reblochon
6.95 €

The 24-month Comté

24 months ripening for a more pronounced taste

In the past, the farmers would combine their milk reserves to produce a cheese that was big and consistent enough to see them through the winter. This is how the Comté was born: requiring almost 400 litres of milk for a 40kg mold. Its unique taste and incredible aromatic richness improves over time - 24 months of ripening for this Comté, destined for lovers of fine cheese.

The 24-month Comté
12.50 €
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