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  • Le Gruyère de Fribourg
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Le Gruyère de Fribourg


5 months

Profile and character :

Cow's milk
1 2 3

cooked pressed hard cheese

Region Suisse

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The Tomme de Savoie

The fruit of ancestral savoir-faire

It is the doyen of the cheeses of Savoie, a gastronomic emblem of this beautiful region. Peasants originally created the Tomme to use up the skimmed milk left over once the butter had been made. It used to be only found in the high mountain pastures and the Savoyard chalets. During ripening the Tomme is carefully turned and rubbed by hand, a step that gives the superb rustic appearance and flavour. Our Tomme has a pale yellow paste and a distinct rural aroma. It is a cheese that melts in the mouth and offers a marvellous taste of hazelnuts.

The Tomme de Savoie
7.70 €

The 15-month Comté

Comté: unique flavours, the reflection of a region’s terroir 

To exalt its flavours the Comté takes its time. The Comté of La Crèmerie Royale, with its 15-month maturation period, is a refined cheese with a deliciously fruity taste and a strongly pronounced smell. The Comté gathers its force from the terroir where it is made. In the calm shadows of the cheese cellars, the master cheese makers pay particular attention to each individual mold. The initial crumbly texture matures and becomes smoother and smoother, allowing the organoleptic virtues to develop slowly and naturally. Time passes, and the savoir-faire passed down through the centuries: salting, rubbing, turning the molds… precise gestures, repeated throughout these 15 months until the Comté of La Crèmerie Royale reaches maturation.

The 15-month Comté
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