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  • The 24-month Comté
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The 24-month Comté

24 months ripening for a more pronounced taste

In the past, the farmers would combine their milk reserves to produce a cheese that was big and consistent enough to see them through the winter. This is how the Comté was born: requiring almost 400 litres of milk for a 40kg mold. Its unique taste and incredible aromatic richness improves over time - 24 months of ripening for this Comté, destined for lovers of fine cheese.


24 months

Profile and character :

Cow's milk
1 2 3

uncooked, presse hard cheese

Tasting Advice :

Keep La Crèmerie Royale’s 24-month Comté refrigerated and leave at room temperature one hour before tasting.

Region Franche-Comté
Arbois Pupillin vin jaune
Pain aux céréales ou noix

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Balanced, soft, fruity, La Crèmerie Royale’s Emmental is a pure Savoie region specialty.  The Protected Geographical Indication label guarantees that the entire production process is carried out in the region. As soon as you taste our Emmental you will be transported to the rolling green valleys at the foot of the high mountain tops, and feel the green grass, the blooming flowers of this truly unspoilt natural site…a beauty spot that will leave you lost for words.

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