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  • Cheese Selection of Normandy

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Cheese Selection of Normandy

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The Gratte-Paille (Straw-Scraping cheese)

Rich and creamy, the King of Triple-Cream Cheeses

Our Gratte-Paille is made from raw cow milk, and has a beautiful bloomy crust and a soft, tender paste. It has a soft, milky flavour with buttery, slightly salty notes and a creamy smooth and deliciously runny texture. The longer the maturation period, the creamier the cheese.

The name of this veritable triple cream cheese is derived from the path lined with bushes that would cause straw to fall from the chariots as they passed by: buisson Gratte-Paille, or straw-scraping bush, situated close to the meadows where the cows graze. The cheese is also laid out on a bed of straw to mature, leaving a visible imprint on the rind.

The Gratte-Paille (Straw-Scraping cheese)
12.90 €

The Camembert de Normandie

The cheese of tradition, of ancestral savoir-faire

The elegance of the taste is down to the quality of the milk used to make it. The Normande cows, raised in the meadows of Normandy where they graze on the fresh grass over a period of several months,  provide a particular quality to the milk. Carefully ladled into molds, the camembert is then left to refine for two weeks. The cheese is only wrapped on the 13th day when the crust has developed a fine bloomy aspect. For La Crèmerie Royale, a minimum 35 days are necessary for the Camembert to fully mature and to develop its true taste.


The Camembert de Normandie
7.95 €
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