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  • The 4-month Cantal
  • The 4-month Cantal
  • The 4-month Cantal
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The 4-month Cantal

The mildness of Entre-Deux

The golden crust, the smooth, slightly crumbly texture and the milky, slightly fruity taste combine to create a cheese of great renown. Cantal is prepared from raw cow milk originating exclusively from an area of 600,000 acres in the heart of the Auvergne region known as the Pays Vert or Green Country, where rich soils and fresh grass grow in abundance. It takes at least 33 hours to prepare the Cantal: after stirring, the curd is placed under weight-blocks before being left to mature, and hence the traditional production method of achieving the incomparable taste is maintained.


4 months

Profile and character :

Lait pasteurisé de vache
1 2 3

uncooked, presse hard cheese

Tasting Advice :

Keep at the bottom of the fridge to retain the maximum amount of flavour. When ready to serve we recommend leaving at room temperature for a few moments.

Region Auvergne
Côtes d’Auvergne Châteaugay rouge
Pain auvergnat

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24 months ripening for a more pronounced taste

In the past, the farmers would combine their milk reserves to produce a cheese that was big and consistent enough to see them through the winter. This is how the Comté was born: requiring almost 400 litres of milk for a 40kg mold. Its unique taste and incredible aromatic richness improves over time - 24 months of ripening for this Comté, destined for lovers of fine cheese.

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The 15-month Comté

Comté: unique flavours, the reflection of a region’s terroir 

To exalt its flavours the Comté takes its time. The Comté of La Crèmerie Royale, with its 15-month maturation period, is a refined cheese with a deliciously fruity taste and a strongly pronounced smell. The Comté gathers its force from the terroir where it is made. In the calm shadows of the cheese cellars, the master cheese makers pay particular attention to each individual mold. The initial crumbly texture matures and becomes smoother and smoother, allowing the organoleptic virtues to develop slowly and naturally. Time passes, and the savoir-faire passed down through the centuries: salting, rubbing, turning the molds… precise gestures, repeated throughout these 15 months until the Comté of La Crèmerie Royale reaches maturation.

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