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  • La Cabrette Cendrée
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La Cabrette Cendrée

Profile and character :

Lait cru de chèvre
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fresh pâte

Region Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur
Navarra Dulce
Pain aux noix

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The Morbier

Discover the secret behind the dark line

Morbier PDO has a soft rind and a smooth and creamy texture marked with small holes, and a strongly pronounced taste characterised by a light creamy, buttery smell. This beautiful regional cheese is a true revelation for the palate. Morbier possesses a distinctive dark line running through its centre, which does not appear by accident. In the past during the winter the milk collection was low and so the mountain dwellers required two separate collections to make the cheese.

The cheese made from the morning milk was covered in a layer of ash, which provided a natural layer of protection, and then the curds from the evening collection were added on top of the ash. Today the ashes are plant-based, although the care that goes into the production of the cheese remains unchanged.

The Morbier
7.30 €

Raw-milk Ossau-Iraty

A wonder of the Pyrenees


This thousand-year-old cheese made entirely from sheep milk originates from between the Ossau valley in Béarn and the Massif d’Iraty in the Basque country. It is a cheese that keeps well with a compact paste that crumbles after maturation. It has a fine, melting texture with milky flavours and a light taste of straw and hazelnut. Records show the presence of Ossau-Iraty in the markets of Toulouse in the first century and ever since this time it has been produced according to the same methods. Ossau-Iraty reflects the union of two regions, drawing the best of Ossau, a listed, lush-green valley with its splendid lakes and breath-taking scenery, and Iraty, lying between France and Spain, an area renowned for its majestic beech tree forests, the largest in Europe. It is against the backdrop of this idyllic landscape that the sheep undertake their transhumance each summer and offer this exceptional cheese.

Raw-milk Ossau-Iraty
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