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  • The Brillat Savarin with Truffles
  • The Brillat Savarin with Truffles
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The Brillat Savarin with Truffles

Summer truffles and cream cheese - the taste of happiness !

Brillat Savarin with truffles is a white, triple cream cheese with a soft, lightly salty taste. The soft and creamy texture blends perfectly with the heady aromas of the truffles giving the cheese a unique character. Sliced in two, the Crèmerie Royale’s Brillat Savarin is enriched with a layer of our special summer truffle (tuber Aestivum 3% min) and fromage frais preparation, enhanced with a hint of truffle-infused olive oil, and from which the Brillat Savarin derives its name - in homage to Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, a famous 18th-century French gastronome and renowned cheese-lover. Undoubtedly, he would have appreciated this fine cheese revisited by La Crèmerie Royale - 350g of pure happiness!




Profile and character :

Cow's milk
1 2 3

soft pâte with flowery crustiness

Tasting Advice :

Best preserved at a constant temperature between 4 and 8°C. To bring out the full flavours leave at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving.

Region Normandie
Fronsac rouge ou Champagne « blanc de blancs »
Pain brié

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