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  • La Box réveillon gourmand

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La Box réveillon gourmand

1025 gr
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The 36-month Comté

It is so good to grow old!

With a 36-month maturation period, which is rare, our raw milk Comté is quite simply a gastronomic wonder. During these long weeks, the Comté of La Crèmerie Royale is awarded great care and attention by the cheese makers. The Comté mold is turned regularly, brushed and rubbed with the brine, in line with ancient tradition. Once pressed, the cheese is firm and has a melt-in-the-mouth quality. Thinly sliced, the full range of flavours is released:  melted butter, hazelnut, fine salt crystals…a unique cheese for an unrivalled pleasure. 

The 36-month Comté
13.20 €
Momentanément indisponible

The Brie with Truffles

Aromatic Nobility

The delicious purity of the truffle is combined perfectly with the delicate texture of the raw-milk Brie of Meaux. A specially created soft-cheese and summer-truffle (tuber Aestiyum, 3% min) preparation enhanced with white truffle-flavoured olive oils to create an explosion of tastes on the palate, where each perfectly balanced flavour finds its own place. A truly fine cheese to try without the slightest hesitation…

The Brie with Truffles
19.90 €