Intense flavours for rare, delectable products

Known as the “black diamond”, the truffle is rare and precious. There are many different varieties including the Perigord black truffle, which has quite a strong aroma, the Musquée, the Mayenque with its lighter taste and odour, the Bourgogne and the white Alba. Each variety possesses a unique aroma and flavour. Cooked in olive oil the truffle blends perfectly with cheese, allowing the production of exquisite and delectable tasting Bries and Camemberts. Truffles can be eaten as an aperitif or just before the dessert for a festive occasion or for dinner with friends. They can also be cut into small cubes and sprinkled into a salad.


Three varieties are available from our online cheese market.

Three truffle specialities made in France by our master cheese maker are available on our online boutique: the Camembert de Normandie, the Brie de Meaux and the Brillat Savarin.


Our specialities are prepared by adding finely grated summer truffle pieces and olive oil that has also been flavoured with this exceptional delicacy to the soft cheese. Together, these ingredients form a smooth, delicately flavoured alliance. The perfectly balanced flavours possess a truly exceptional mouth feel. To discover these specialities you can order individually or select the cheese platter option. So, for your Christmas meals and New Year festivities, treat yourself to these delicious cheeses.


Discover THE quintessence of taste in this delicate preparation of a trio of deliciously flavoured summer-truffle cheeses. A gastronomic blend of Camembert, Brillat-Savarin, Brie du Meaux and salted butter.