wheels of cheese in a maturing storehouse dairy cellar

Our concept

An online cheese market delivering exceptional, high-quality tasting and perfectly matured cheeses to your door.

Today we are able to profit from the incomparable expertise of our master cheese-maker who has been providing gastronomic cheese since 1968. Thanks to La Crèmerie Royale you can now discover a selection of cheeses that were previously only reserved for the highest tables such as the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, renowned chefs, and star-awarded restaurants and palaces.

Just like wine, each French region offers a unique variety of cheeses. The delights we have selected for their exceptional flavour, their generous texture and their sophisticated smell all meet our required quality of excellence.

Our cheese selection offers you “La Crème de la Crème” with:

- The most renowned French cheeses that have been carefully selected according to their origin and quality of maturation… quite simply divine!

- Rare and confidential varieties like the Chèvre-Fleur. A Provencal speciality, this raw goat milk cheese is prepared according to traditional means by being wrapped in cloth, which creates the particular shape… you have to try it! 

- Our Truffle specialities are crafted by our master cheese maker. Selected with care and delicately cut, the exquisite flavours of this precious tuber seep right into the heart of our exceptional cheeses. These are true examples of gastronomic Art and contribute to making each taste a true moment of pleasure.

Our concept

Cheese lovers since our childhood, we are three brothers who were born and raised in Normandy with a gourmet taste for cheese: Jérôme, Olivier and Sébastien. We are always on the look out for the finest products and love to share our discoveries that have something special, whether it is the taste or the flavour or the history. And it is this passion for cheese that we have decided to share with you. To make our project more professional, we have teamed up with Gilles, a master cheese-maker for whom cheese has also been in the family for several generations.

Our cheeses, Cheese Selections or Subscription to our cheese box offer
Make your own selection from our cheeses according to your own personal taste: “Our Cheeses”.
Let yourself be tempted by our selections, or by our gourmet-themed platters.
Our three, six or twelve-month “Subscription Box”. A selection of four seasonal cheeses delivered every month, which means around 800g of cheese delivered directly to your door between the 10th and 15th each month.