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chevre-fleur.jpg Le Brie à la truffe, l'un des meilleurs fromages aux truffes

La Crèmerie Royale, the first online gourmet cheese market !

Fresh from the cellars of our master cheesemaker, Gilles Céneri, La Crèmerie Royale has selected more than 80 of the finest, best-known cheeses, as well as some of the more original and unique-tasting varieties.

Our speciality – truffle cheese

Discover La Crèmerie Royale’s specially selected truffle cheeses. These subtle and refined creations – Camembert, Brie de Meaux or Brillat Savarin – are the fruit of a meticulous preparation of the perfect balance between the aroma of the truffle and the flavours of our finest cheeses.

Cheese recipes

Discover our selection of alternative ways to sample our gustatory delights. All our recipes are available on our Blog. We wish you ‘bon appetit’ and endless moments of pleasure.

Cheese of the moment :

The Tête de Moine
24.80 €

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The Rocamadour Grand Cru

The creamiest of all the goat cheeses

The 6-day refining period is essential during the production process. Once molded the cheese is laid out on grills in the ageing room. These grills are then turned every day to obtain the homogenous, creamy soft texture. It is during this stage that the bacterial flora and the aromas of the cheese which define its unique character develop. Between its supple skin and its centre the cheese develops a fine layer of cream. At this stage it is said that the cheese ‘piaule’ meaning it is ‘crying out’ to be eaten.

Our selected Rocamadour delivers a delicious goaty flavour. You‘ll be pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of its texture.

The Rocamadour Grand Cru
4.10 €

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The farm Fourme d'Ambert

A unique cheese, the creation of which dates back to Roman times

The paste is soft and tender, superbly pearlescent with a fine and delicate grey-green marble appearance. The truly natural taste of local rustic aromas from a terroir of unspoilt biodiversity. Druids were already using the Fourme d’Ambert in the Forez massif, in Auvergne in Roman times. Its trail can be picked up again in the XVIIIth century when it was used as a rent for the summer farms along the Monts de Forez.

The farm Fourme d'Ambert
7.00 €

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